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Working with challenging hillside building sites can prove to be a difficult task, but we at Takahe Construction specialize in these trickier building sites. Since every building site has its own set of opportunities and challenges, we are prepared to work diligently to create the home of your dreams while navigating any bumps in the road that may arise. 

Hillside sites require skillful planning to properly handle poor access and steep slopes. Since building a home is already a huge undertaking for an individual, couple or family, when you throw in a few additional curve balls compliments of a hillside site, you find that it is important to develop a well-outlined plan that will need to be carried out with razor-like precision. 


We want your home building experience to be free of these hassles. We can take care of every last detail. From maintaining strict and crucial control over deadlines, to keeping on point with the budget, and communicating with subcontractors, we have it covered. And we will keep you informed of your home's progress from breaking ground to final touches. We can handle the hillside headaches so that you don't have to do so.